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Cooperating with schools

We cooperate with major Czech universities.


On a long-term basis we contribute to student development within the university departments which deal with teaching HR and adult education. We try to bring a view from practice and thus complement the purely academic approach. On the other hand, contact with the university environment is very beneficial for us. We meet up with fresh ideas, innovative projects and huge energy the students have, which drives us forward.

Masters and Bachelor Thesis

We lead or oppose masters and bachelor thesis. Topics are available at individual departments or students can come up with their own proposal, if it is anyhow related to our focus. We always try to be able to handle the work with a real client or with real data. Because we believe that this is the way to write high quality thesis and achieve great results. 

So far, all students gained for their work the A marks :-)

Expert Lectures

Within several subjects we offer expert lectures. Topics are various – from information systems in Talent Management through personnel audit in practice to metrics and analytics in HR. And not to stay only with talking we prepare team tasks for students on which they work at seminars. Their final presentations often surprise us with their professional quality and sometimes we offer an internship to some students. 

Lending of technologies

Teaching based only on lectures can get less effective and sometimes even boring. Therefore, it is good to have some things to try. Students for example solve tasks within HR analytics – the return on investment of a certain project, correlation between various metrics in HR, innovative visualisation of results or identification of high-risk employees. 

Internships in Talterra

Every year we cooperate with several trainees who spend their time meaningfully with us (and they don’t just prepare a coffee in the office :). We offer the opportunity to learn something useful, to have own responsibility for assigned tasks, but to work in the safe environment with a mentor at the same time. 

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