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Recruitment – What data tells us – 14th HR breakfast

Autor: Kateřina Kománková Vydáno: 24.února 2017

The first HR breakfast we organised in 2017 took place on January 18th. This 14th event of its kind was focused on recruitment and related data.


To create a friendly atmosphere and encourage discussion right from the beginning we asked all participants to introduce themselves, their company and the tasks they are dealing with in HR. Among our guests there were representatives from companies like IBM, Accenture, Škoda Auto, Equabank, Moneta Money Bank, Linet, Etnetera and many others.


At the first part, we presented the basic significant facts in recruitment to be on the same wavelength. Then we reminded which metrics we can use during recruitment process.


We discussed the usage of statistical methods like chi-square test and p-value to measure the probability of discrimination and bias during recruitment process. We went through predictive models in recruitment, Google Analytics, Users flow and textual analysis.


Moreover, we explained the importance of measuring Employee LifeTime Value (ELTV), in other words, why the HR should track the period when each employee starts to return the investments put into him or her.


During the last 15 minutes the participants were sharing their ideas and experience with using data in recruitment and the advantages of knowledge how to exploit them effectively.


After the “official” end of this event some people took the opportunity to stay there a bit longer and continue talking about the topic.

We enjoyed this breakfast so much and looking forward to meeting you again at our next event, e.g. HR breakfast in March!

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