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Operational reporting in HR – 18th breakfast

Autor: Veronika Kynclová Vydáno: 19.listopadu 2017

Life is change and therefore our 18th HR breakfast took place in Prague Startup Centre instead of ČSOB Inspiration as usual (this venue is unfortunately not open anymore). And we have to say it was a good choice as we felt like at home in there since the first moment.

This time our topic was Operational reporting. Even though we are keen in analytical reporting or predictive analysis, at the same time we are aware of value of everyday informative reports which provide overall view for managers and other employees on different HR areas.

At the beginning we explained implementation procedure of HR reporting. We stressed out how important it is to keep in mind our company’s strategy before thinking about concrete metrics we want to use to create our own report or dashboard in the end. After all of this we should consider which data we want to compare our results with (we can use external benchmarking or some internal criteria we want to reach). We went more in detail of each step of implementation procedure.

While creating our own report or dashboard visualisation is one of the crucial points. Making our data look attractive rises the chance that people in our company will really be using them and they will see them as helpful. There are many tools to help us with visualisation. Microsoft Excel is widely used but we also have other options, such as Power BI, Qlik Sense or Tableau. We looked at some examples of dashboards from all these tools.

dashboard1        dashboard2


In the end we practiced our analytical thinking during group work – each group created their unique structure of HR dashboard so that it would bring the biggest value for their own company or department needs. Then during discussions over each proposal we came up with several tips how to create, implement and use dashboards in daily HR life.

To catch the atmosphere of the breakfast you can have a look at few pictures we took.

Spending this morning with other HR enthusiasts and sharing our thoughts together was again very enriching and therefore we are already looking forward to our next breakfast!

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