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How to select HRIS – HR breakfast

Autor: Jan Pavelka Vydáno: 13.listopadu 2016

Starting from now we will publish blog posts only in english. We asked our guests on the latest HR breakfast whether it is OK for them. And there were no complaints.


This event (Oct 4th) was dedicated to the selection process of HR IS. We described our methodology – 10 steps from gathering requirements over RFI, RFP towards the final decision. We also mentioned examples of HR IS vendors in each market segment (local payroll oriented systems, regional or global HCM suites or Talent management applications).  But everybody was impatiently awaiting the presentation of Daniela Velíšková from Konica Minolta.


Daniela was referring to the project we were working on in the first half of 2016. She shared the project details including the project plan, internal marketing and payroll function. We admired the openness of showing the areas where our services brought the added value and speeded up the project and where their internal homework had to be done.

At the end Veronika stressed the importance of change management and communication to managers as well as employees. We were discussing the ways of finding and engaging the ambassadors of change.

Check the pictures from the event in our library.


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