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How to select HRIS – 17th HR breakfast

Autor: Kateřina Kománková Vydáno: 13.října 2017

Our 17th HR breakfast was dedicated to one of our favourite topic – selecting HRIS. Moreover, our special quest Petra Suchá (Head of HR) shared her experience with selecting and implementing HRIS in MBtech Bohemia.


Despite some problems with catering delivery we managed to start at 9 am thanks to the help of one of our participants. At the very beginning each participant presented themselves and shared their reason to attend such event. We had pleasure to meet guests from Foxconn Technology, E4T, Linet, Škoda Auto, T-mobile, Vodafone, DPD, CT1, Accenture, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Crestyl real estate and many others.


Together we went step by step along the process of selecting HRIS. From the identification of “the right time”, through gathering functional requirements, RFI, RFP, evaluation of proposals and short-listing, to final decision and negotiation with supplier. Included subjects were Featuritis curve and reference visit.

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In each step we discussed the possibilities on a market and shared our experience with them.


Petra Suchá presented the time line of selecting HRIS in the automotive company, the reasons why she decided to ask a third party (Talterra) to help her with the process and why it was a very good choice :). She also showed the anticipated time line of the implementation. At the end Petra answered some interesting questions about selecting HRIS in MBtech Bohemia.


We finished our breakfast by discussing associated topics and ate up the rest of desserts and sandwiches.

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Believing that everyone enjoyed it, we are looking forward to the next HR breakfast!

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