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How to predict the future in HR – 13th HR breakfast

Autor: Jan Pavelka Vydáno: 15.listopadu 2016

On November 10th we organized already the 13th HR breakfast. This time we opened the topic of predictive analytics.

At the beginning we asked all participants to introduce themselves to encourage interactivity and discussion. We had there representatives from large corporations like CocaCola, IBM, HP or ČSOB and T-Mobile as well as SMBs and even university students.

First of all we defined predictive analytics and described how to get there – from basic elements (metrics, benchmarking, surveys and dashboards) to correlations and causality.

Step-by-step we explained what correlation is and how to construct the regression equation in Excel. Our example showed the relationship between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. We also drew the larger map of similar relations (towards financial/lagging indicators).

We introduced the case study of predicting the risk of leaving for particular employees. The full model covered also the simulation, e.g. what is the impact of 2% salary increase, the raise of employee satisfaction feedback or car allowance to the employee retention.

At the end we asked the participants to share their ideas where prediction might help in their organizations, what are the risks and barriers and how to address them.

All attendees received the slides and excel sheet with engagement and customer satisfaction data.

It was a great event and we’re looking forward to meeting you again in 2017 (if you’re not receiving invitations yet – sign up at the bottom of the page!).

See the pictures in our Photo Library.


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