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Become a Champion in HR Reporting (2016)

Autor: Jan Pavelka Vydáno: 14.listopadu 2016

We successfully delivered additional run of a 3-days reporting course!

We call it „Become a reporting champion in HR“. For many years we have a long-term cooperation with the University of Economics which approved the syllabus and provided a nice meeting room.

This time there were only few attendees (only ladies). We were not sure till the last moment whether we will postpone the course or not. Finally we decided to open it and not to wait till spring.  We started on Monday Oct 17th.

Linet, MoraviaIT, Hypoteční banka and MBTech Bohemia send their representatives to explore hidden secrets of HR reporting. First day is always dedicated to the overall concept and basics (how to select the metrics to measure, what data sources to use Balanced Scorecards, key statistical functions in Excel etc.). I had the ambition to talk also about dashboards but as usually we didn’t manage to open this topic on Monday :).

Tuesday was about dashboards. As the first step we played with the paper reports and tried to combine them in the logical order to tell the story. Then we moved to Tableau and created the basic dashboard from the dummy data in excel file. Everybody loved this exercise because it was a really tangible outcome that they can show and share in their companies. The afternoon was dedicated to other useful techniques for decision making (ROI, NPV, pareto charts, trend lines, decision trees, …).

Wednesday opened the topic of prediction. We talked about correlations, causal relations and advanced tools for statistical processing. We also shared the examples from our projects for better understanding. Because of great experience of attendees we skipped the case study and opened the topic from one of the attendees. All together we provided our view and recommendation how to proceed, what can be the risks and critical success factors.

Even if there were not so many people we had great atmosphere and willingness to share.

We’re looking forward to organizing next run in March 2017.

See the pics in out photo gallery.



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