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Analytics in L&D – 15th HR breakfast

Autor: Gabriela Mudrova Vydáno: 18.března 2017

It was Tuesday morning 14th March at ČSOB Inspirace building. Coffee aroma filled the air all over the place, mini wraps and sandwiches, cakes and fruits were waiting for our guests to eat them.

At 9 am the room was packed with people who were hungry not only for a good breakfast but also for some good information. The topic of this HR Breakfast was The Analytics in Learning and Development.

As it is a nice tradition, first, our guests introduced themselves. That morning we were honored to have among ourselves guests from various organisations such as ŠKODA Auto, Globus, GoodCall, Loono, ČSOB, MBTech Bohemia, QED Group, students from Charles University and many others. Most of them admitted they don’t really get along with analytic numbers. 🙂

Two speakers took turns in explaining both theory and practice mentioning the Kirkpatrick’s model, Hilton case study, graphs showing the scrap in our Learning and Development activities, how to measure the scrap, how to decrease the costs and increase the Return on Investment. We could learn what methods to use when we measure the benefits of L&D activities and then how to report these important data to the management of the company. During that time participants asked a lot of questions, shared their experience and discussed the topic in the small groups.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.18.08

Scrap Learning Dashboard

After approximately two and half hours the food was gone and the participants went on discussing and sharing what had inspired them and what new implementations they’re going to start using in their organisations.

We enjoyed this lively morning very much and we look forward to another HR morning in June! 🙂

You can check the photos.

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