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23rd breakfast: HRIS selection

Autor: Magdalena Machovicova Vydáno: 18.října 2018

More than half of October is gone and we are back with our favourite event. HR breakfast is back! After three months in its 23rd edition. And even though it’s autumn, the morning weather was really warm and shiny same as the atmosphere again in Špejle at Jindřišká Street.

It was a big pleasure to welcome precious guest Pavel Halamíček who has broad experience in IT and also HR field from Škoda Auto. Now he works as an HR IS manager and he is responsible for new system implementation in FOXCONN.

The topic of this HR breakfast was about choosing HR IS. Honza Pavelka started with the 10 crucial points we have to think about, when we are choosing the best suited HR IS for our company. These 10 points are alpha and omega of how we are doing it in Talterra, so he was completely in his element.



As it is shown at our website, the circle begins with the idea that you want to change or to simply to have the new HR IS. Then there is mapping and data collection. After that RFI, budgeting and RFP. Judging chosen offers and shows up. Afterwards reference visits. And the rest of it it’s up to you – who will you choose and what deal you arrange and sign. The process is always longer than you expect. You have to multiply the time 1.3 to get the real time!


Then our guest Pavel Halamíček talked about implementing the new system. Here we have some of his thoughts. It’s always tough to convince people to cooperate with the system they are not used to. Nothing new, you can say. But apparently this is not as easy as it may sound. In this case, segmentation is crucial. Supportive communication campaign must fit all the different groups – management, other employees and also different HR people separately. Internal marketing of new system may seem useful, but at the same time if any of these groups has been forgotten, the whole system may fall apart.

To be everything alright it’s really important to have proper construction supervision from the people they exactly know what to do. That was main advice from Pavel Halamíček.

Moreover, you have to teach your HR people how to use the system and kind of fall in love with it, which sounds a bit like mission impossible. Nowadays there is an enormous lack of people with this kind of expertise. So if you are able to give to your people both knowledge about IT and HR and if they are also able to explain to others how this new HR IS works, half of your work is done. Other problems and obstacles are unexpectedly time, Czech legislation of course and the question if it’s good to have IS in cloud or in internal storage. It’s long process but it’s worth it!

The we spent some time describing trends – either on the global level as well as the local ones.


In the end we split our listeners to three groups and they were collecting ideas about: What the supplier of HR IS should offer to us.

The ideas were really enriching and very similar in each group, that they were joking that somebody had to cheat and copy the ideas.

The ideas were even about what the supplier should do but also there were thoughts about what the people in organization should do. So it’s obvious these two parts are always connected.

We spent more time than we expected by enthusiastic talking, but if you look at few pictures we took you will definitely catch the atmosphere of our pleasant time with HR breakfast.

Spending this autumn morning with other HR enthusiasts and sharing our thoughts together was again very enriching and therefore we are already looking forward to our next breakfast which will take a place on 8th November!


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